The Process

Due to the nature of working with students and families, no college search process is identical. For this reason, we think it is easiest to explain the process in three parts.

Part I Information

An informed decision is a better decision and there are many things to ponder as students make course selections in high school. Taking classes and selecting activities with an individually designed plan is the best way to begin. We also offer advising for practical academic skills. Our goal is to help students focus on what they know they want for the future, as well as, understanding how to keep their options open. It's never too early, or too late, to consider these things.

For performing and fine artists, this is a crucial step because course selection and scope of skill development will impact future options.

For athletes, this is a crucial step in the process because course selection and achievement can increase or decrease the options for potential collegiate athletes.

Part II Exploration

Evaluating student interests, strengths, talents and aspirations are key elements in the exploration process.  Academic record review, aptitude analysis, career investigation and standardized test advising are available to assist in targeting a list of colleges that will excite them about life after high school. We also work with families to design a prioritized plan for successful college visits, investigate financial options and research a variety of scholarship opportunities.

For performing or fine artists, exploration often includes researching the range of unique admission requirements for artists, gathering input from sponsors, teachers, coaches or directors, and obtaining a professional portfolio evaluation.

For athletes, exploration often includes inquiry to college programs (in accordance with NCAA), gathering input from current coaches and trainers, collecting sport-sport specific data, and evaluating college inquiry responses.

Part III Application

Preparation is everything when it comes to the application process. We refine the college application list and work with students to brainstorm, revise, and review college essays. We provide a personalized application plan, track application progress and manage deadlines to complete the application process with more confidence and less stress for both students and parents!

For performing or fine artists, application often includes planning for auditions or preparing portfolios in the desired format for submission.

For athletes, application often includes evaluating college inquiry responses, re-visiting priorities and evaluating potential options.

Available Packages

College Solutions 4U is dedicated to meeting the specific learning challenges, academic aspiration, artistic endeavors and athletic ambitions of our students. There are three basic packages from which families can select:

-The Underclassman. This package includes comprehensive services specially designed for Part I and Part II in the process, including resume assistance.

-The Upperclassman. This package includes comprehensive services for Part III in the process, including essay advising and resume assistance.

-The Graduate. This individualized consulting package includes ten hours of customized consultation services, including personal meetings, phone calls and any college or educational research performed on behalf of the student.

Additional services that can be selected individually:

-Interview Coaching

-Essay Advising

-Resume Assistance

College Solutions 4U does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, in providing services.

Next Steps...

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Leslie Lorenz, Founder and Consultant